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Washing Machine Buying Guide: Front Load VS Top Load

Get our experts’ insight on how to pick the ideal washing machine out of the wide variety available.

What’s Your Preferred Type of Washing Machine?

Types Of Washing MachineTop LoadFront Load
  • Less probability of trapped water or residue
  • Easy loading of laundry, need not squat down
  • More affordable
  • Easier to add wash mid-cycle
  • Shorter cycle time
  • Better cleaning results
  • Easier loading and unloading of laundry
  • Space-saving with ability to stack dryer on top OR Washer Dryer 2-in-1 combo
  • Less noise during spin cycle
  • More energy & water efficient
  • Transparent glass door allows you to check on the cleaning stage
  • Requires more effort to unload laundry
  • Not stackable with dryer
  • Uses more water as it needs to fill up entirely for the wash and rinse cycle
  • More expensive upfront but saves more on running cost
  • Longer cycle time up to 3 hours
  • Need to squat down to load and unload laundry

How Much Capacity Do You Need For Your Washing Machine?

A bigger drum contains higher capacity, which allows you to wash more laundry at once to save time. However, a higher capacity washer uses more energy to operate, so choosing the right capacity for your needs can help to minimise electricity cost. As a guide, 1kg is roughly equal to 1 set of shirt, pants, underwear and socks. While families, with new-borns generally requires a larger capacity washer.

Washing Machine CapacitySuitable For
8KG & Below 1-3 person
9KG to 11KG 4–5 person
12KG & Above Large families more than 6 person

Pick Your Required Spin Speed For Your Washing Machine

A higher spin speed allows moisture to be extracted faster, so your clothes dry faster as well.

A spin speed of 1400-1500rpm is good enough for everyday laundry purposes. Those who prefer shorter waiting times or have lots of heavy items to wash can choose a washer with spin speed of 1600rpm and above.