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TV Screen Size


We’ve got screen sizes from 32” all the way to 100”, but when choosing which TV to buy, consider two things:

  • Space available for the TV - It’s now easier to fit a large screen TV in your home today because TVs have become so much thinner, with the frame around the screen getting smaller.
  • Sitting distance from TV - Ideally, your viewing distance should be 1.5-times the size of your screen.
Room Room Size TV Size Viewing Distance
Bedroom 4m X 3m 32” – 39” 1.5m – 2m  
40” – 46” 2m – 2.5m 1.22m – 1.37m
Living Room 3.7m X 5.5m 50” – 65” 2.5m – 3m 1.38m – 1.55m
70” & above 3m & above 1.55m & above


Screen size is measured diagonally from the bottom left corner to the top right.