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Lowest Price Guaranteed
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Product Protection Plans
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Serving Singapore
for 46 Years

TV Right Connections

Right Connections

When buying a TV, think about what you’d plan to use along with it, such as Soundbar, Game Consoles etc. HDMI Cables is the standard connection for most devices. When you have selected a 4K TV, you definitely need a 4K HDMI cable to go along with to get the best out of your TV.


Choosing an energy-efficient TV

Energy consumption matters, to ensure you’re choosing a more energy efficient TV, look out for energy saving labels. If possible, always choose a TV with more ticks as a more energy efficient TV translates to a cheaper running cost for you!


Delivery & Installation

Your new TV will be delivered and the standard installation will be done by the COURTS Services Team. You have the choice of either setting up the TV on a table top or we could get an installation guru to get your TV wall mounted.