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All the Latest and Hottest Ovens You Need to Know About

Today's ovens come with a variety of cooking functions, designs and features. Choosing the right oven based on your cooking habits will help to produce the best result.

Consider the Oven Placement Suitable for Your Home

There are 2 ranges of ovens you can consider, namely the counter-top range and built-in range.

Counter-Top Range:

Easy to install and replace, but takes up extra space and can't offer the seamless appearance of built-in ovens.

Built-In Range:

Merges with fitted cabinets to save space, but are harder to install or move.

Choose the Type of Oven You Need

Types of OvensOven ToasterSteam OvenElectric OvenConvection OvenMicrowave Oven
  • Small and versatile
  • More energy efficient than a regular oven
  • Lightweight
  • Uses hot pressurised steam to cook
  • Cooks faster than baking or roasting
  • Healthier as it retains nutrients better
  • Provides even heating
  • Less susceptible to rusting
  • Faster cooking
  • Provides even heating
  • Better browning
  • Energy efficient
  • Gets food ready in minutes
  • Easy to configure for different recipes
  • Multi-purpose functions
  • Takes longer to heat as it uses traditional heat waves
  • No auto cook functions
  • Not good for browning or crisping
  • Heats up slower
  • Harder to manage temperature
  • High electricity consumption
  • Dough won't rise
  • More fragile since it uses both a heating element and a fan
  • High power consumption
  • Very heavy and difficult to move around

Measure the Oven Capacity

The bigger the capacity, the more dishes you're able to cook at the same time. Consider your family's dietary habits and you'll know which oven capacity suits your household better.

Evaluate Cooking Functions You'd Like to Have

Beside heating, baking, grilling and roasting, there are other oven functions you can choose from according to your culinary interest. Some examples are:

Fan Cooking:

Reduces cooking time by up to 30%

Auto-Cook Programmes:

Varies from 4-12 programmes for different recipes

Steam Cooking:

Roasts using steam, while locking in vitamins and minerals for heathier meals

Think About the Cleaning Features

Loves to cook but hate cleaning up after? Look out for Catalytic Liners or Pyrolytic Ovens. Catalytic Liners absorb grease, while Pyrolytic Ovens are self-cleaning ovens that use extreme heat to sanitise.