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Today's gaming consoles let you do more than just play video games. Modern systems provide complete entertainment from watching dramas, streaming music, playing online games to surfing the net. If you are ready to get your game on, find out which system is the best for you.

Xbox vs. Nintendo vs. PlayStation

Microsoft’s XboxNintendoSony’s PlayStation
Suitable for Gamers who want all their entertainment options in one place. Family gaming with many child-friendly titles and simple user interface. Hardcore gamers who love fast-paced, graphics-intensive action titles.
Benefits n addition to its gaming features, the Xbox consolidates online gaming, video and music streaming, TV, Blu-Ray movies, cable-box control, and multiplayer capability. Its fantastic picture quality and solid controller are great for fast-paced games. The newer Xbox comes with a built-in Blu-Ray player and is one of the cheapest 4K UHD Blu-Ray players on the market. You can also connect the device to a Kinect sensor for motion, voice and gesture control. The originator of family-friendly video game classics like Mario, Pokèmon, Zelda and Donkey Kong, Nintendo currently offers three types of gaming options: Wii, Nintendo DS handheld devices and Nintendo Switch. The versatile Nintendo Switch console allows you to switch between high definition large screen TV gaming at home and handheld entertainment on the road. The PlayStation constantly tops the list of best-selling gaming consoles, and for good reasons. It is considered the most powerful console of the current generation because of its speed, software and hardware upgrades, graphics processor and fast memory. Newer models comprise of a built-in Blu-ray player and access to popular streaming services such as Netflix. It also lets you share clips and stream video of your game-play sessions.

Console vs. Handheld

Console GamingHandheld Gaming
Suitable for Gamers who want quality visuals and effects on a large screen Gamers on-the-go, frequent travellers
Portability Bigger and heavier; requires a TV set-up to play Compact and lightweight; does not require a TV or other connections
Durability Hardware lasts longer Easier wear and tear due to portability
Game Options Larger variety of games Fewer variety of games
Entertainment Options Most systems allow online access, TV streaming, movie watching, etc... Doesn’t allow other entertainment options
Price of hardware Higher cost Cheaper alternative