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Make Your Food Healthier and Crispier with the Latest Refrigerators

Whether you are moving into a new home or replacing your old fridge, here's a quick guide to get you fully prepared when faced with the abundance of choices on offer.

Measure the Space Available

Measure the space allocated for your fridge, with considerations of a few inches above and behind the fridge for circulation, as well as room for doors to open. Ensure the fridge you would like to buy fits into the space.

Select Your Ideal Type of Fridge

Types of Fridges2-Door Top Freezer Fridge2-Door Bottom Freezer FridgeSide-By-Side FridgeMulti-Door Fridge
Features Traditional fridge with Freezer on top Traditional fridge with Freezer at the bottom Side-by-side fridge & freezer Hybrid of side-by-side fridge and 2-door bottom freezer fridge
  • Low-cost fridge type
  • Wide range to choose from
  • Has a freezer slide out basket instead of door
  • Equal access to both fridge and freezer compartments
  • More freezer capacity
  • Comes in 3/4/5-door configurations
  • Wider shelves
  • Usually features an ice and water dispenser

Check for the Suitable Capacity

A lower "litre capacity" reduces energy wastage. So consider your family size and dietary habits, and choose a capacity that is adequate for storage without being oversized. The table below shows the recommended capacity.

Family SizeStorage Capacity
Couple 300 to 400 litres
Family of 3 to 4 500 to 600 litres
Family of 5 and more 700 litres and above

Identify the Fridge's Energy Efficiency

A fridge's efficiency is measured by energy efficiency ratio (EER). The higher the ratio, the more efficient the fridge is. Lower energy consumption translates into lower electricity bill.

How to read the energy label:

Energy Efficient Label

Consider Extra Functions You Might Need

There are many exciting functions in the market, but the fancier the functions, the pricier the fridge will get. So make sure to opt for what you really need.

  • Temperature Control allows you to set different temperatures for separate compartments
  • Crisper Drawer helps fresh fruits and vegetables stay fresh longer
  • Speed Chilling cools your food and drinks in minutes
  • Flexible layout lets you rearrange shelvings and compartments to fit changing needs
  • Wi-fi Connectivity to control fridge settings remotely
  • Built-in Cameras help to keep track of fridge content
  • Child-proof settings
  • Ice or water dispenser