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guide to an ergonomic home office

The choice of your work furniture can make a difference to your productivity. 

Here's a simple guide to get you started on putting together your home office

Comfortable desk

Choose a Comfortable Desk

• Your office desk should be able to fit all your work equipment without appearing cluttered, while providing enough room for you to move comfortably.

• Make sure the desk is at a comfortable level to support proper typing posture.

• If you want to take healthy living to the next level, consider buying a sit-stand desk, which allows you to alternate between sitting and standing during the course of the day.

• Choose a chair with an adjustable backrest, seat height and arms for more comfort.

Select Adequate Lighting

• Avoid straining your eyes with decent lighting.

• Invest in blinds and shades to adjust the amount of light in the room.

• Standing lamps or desk lamps work great as they can direct light to exactly where you need them.

• Purchase LED bulbs to reduce energy usage and electricity bills.

Computer monitor

Arrange Computer Monitor Appropriately

• Ensure that you’ve set up your computer monitor appropriately to prevent neck strain and back pain.

• As an estimate, sit all the way back in your chair with your feet on the floor. Then adjust the computer monitor so that the top of the screen is at eye level.