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Product Protection Plans
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Serving Singapore for 44 Years
Serving Singapore
for 44 Years


electrolux careelectrolux care

DelicateCare Dryers


Treat even your most delicate, cherished clothes to unrivalled softness. Our DelicateCare technology tailors the cycle to each fabric for the best drying performance and the utmost care - even wool and silk. The technology optimises the drum speed and rotation based on your fabric's needs. Plus it protects your clothes from wrinkling because the drum rotation is regularly reversed.

Woolmark Apparel Care


The Woolmark certification guarantees the DelicateCare Tumble Dryer will safely dry your hand-wash only woollens. The patented wool programme adapts the drum motion to protect your clothes and ensures no shrinkage compared to flat drying. So you can wear your favourite jumper again and again.

Smart Sensor


Smart Sensor guarantees the gentlest possible care for your clothes. Sensors automatically adjust the cycle time based on the size of your load. This means the cycle ends as soon as your clothes are ready. And you'll never waste energy over-drying. With Smart Sensor, our dryers are as kind on the environment as they are on your clothes.

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