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Choose the Right Multi-Purpose Rice Cooker to Complete Your Meals

Whether you are a rice fanatic or want a fuss-free way to cook vegetables, stew or soup, having the right rice cooker can get your meals ready just the way you like it.

Decide on the Type of Rice Cooker

On/Off CookerElectronic Rice CookerFuzzy Logic Cooker
An economical basic cooker that shuts off automatically after the rice is cooked. Cooks the rice and keeps it warm after cooking. Consists of multiple menus and settings for cooking other dishes, and various types of rice. Comes with a timer that allows you to preset a cooking time.

Evaluate the Suitable Capacity

Domestic rice cookers range from 1 to 10 cups in capacity. When deciding the size suitable for your family, consider the number of people you are cooking for, and whether they are light or heavy eaters.

Household Size (Average Eaters)Cooker Capacity
1-3 person 3 cups
4-6 person 5 cups
6 or more person 10 cups

Consider the Additional Functions Suitable for Your Home

A fridge's efficiency is measured by energy efficiency ratio (EER). The higher the ratio, the more efficient the fridge is. Lower energy consumption translates into lower electricity bill.

  • Porridge Cycle: Can also be used for breakfast cereals and other slow cook recipes.
  • Reheat Cycle: Warms the rice in about 5 to 10 minutes and maintains the heat.
  • Quick Cook Function: Reduces cooking time by bypassing the soaking time and going right to the cook cycle.
  • Texture Setting: Allows you to select the rice texture you prefer such as regular, soft or firm.
  • Non-Stick Coating: Makes it easier to clean and maintain.
  • Steaming Trays: Able to steam your vegetables while cooking rice.
  • Lid Type: Cookers with unsealed lids are easier to clean and allow you to check progress through the glass lid, although they may spatter. A sealed lid prevents spatter, but is harder to clean.