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Product Protection Plans up to 10 Years
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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Extended Warranty

What do I do when my appliances breakdown?
A: You may call our hotline 1800 419 1811 (during office hours 9am to 5pm, Mon - Fri) or email warranty@courts.com.sg, to notify us on the incident.
How long does it take for my product to be repaired?
A: Our repairer will attempt to repair your product within the shortest time period within a week. However, if the issue is complex that requires uncommon spare parts, the repair time may take longer due to parts availability.
Are there any excess charges?
A: Yes, minimum of $50 or 30% of the total charge (cost of repair or replacement) whichever higher, only applicable on COURTS Extended Warranty Basic Plan for IT & Electrical product.
What does an Extended Warranty plan protect my product against?
A: COURTS Extended Warranty mainly covers the Electrical and Mechanical failure and other additional benefits such as glass, lens, batteries, child's cut, etc., only applicable to COURTS Extended Warranty Enhanced Plan.
Will the Extended Warranty Plan repair my item caused by Accidental Damage?
A: Yes, only covered by COURTS Extended Warranty Enhanced Plan exclude damages due to negligence, misuse or default.
Why do I need an Extended Warranty Plan when I have the manufacturer's warranty?
A: Most of the manufacturers' warranty only cover up to 3 years; COURTS Extended Warranty can offer you coverage of your product up to maximum of 5 years.
Will you match the price if I'm offered a cheaper quote from other repairers?
A: We will not match the price quoted or pay for the repair from other repairers who are not under our approved panel of repairers. The repairers that we engaged are experienced and reliable and it is in our best interest to get a reasonable rate.
For how long can I protect my product?
A: Depending on the Extended Warranty plan purchased, IT products can be covered up to 3 years, Electrical & Furniture products can be covered up to 5 years including manufacturer's warranty period.
What is the limit of the repair?
A: The limit of the repair depends on the purchased plan:
Basic Plan - coverage up to the purchase price of the item
Enhanced Plan - unlimited repairs and replacements

Instant Replacement

What to do when the product fails to operate?
  • Check if the problem is due to blown fuse, external plug or cord problem.
  • If problem persists, return the complete set to the nearest COURTS branch.
  • Please produce the original receipt / invoice.
  • Product found to be non-defective would be returned to you.
  • COURTS will verify and validate the products.
  • Once the above Terms and Conditions are satisfied, COURTS will replace you a brand new set for the original failed product.
  • The Original Failed Product will become the property of COURTS.