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Keep your air-con in tip-top condition: Why COURTS’ air-con subscription service makes sense

I’m in the process of moving into a new flat, and let me tell you, renovation is such a tiring affair. No thanks to all the fees that I’ve to pay my ID and the various sub-contractors for the cabinetry and tiling works, it’s also a bank account-draining exercise.

I’m now shopping for furniture and other big-ticket items and the air-con situation is weighing heavily on my mind. Why? Because I’m looking to get a System 3 for the new place and that’s easily another $4,000 I’ve to cough out.

Which is why I’m seriously considering COURTS’ new air-con subscription service, which I learned about when I visited the company’s flagship store at Tampines to buy my mattress.

Regular maintenance of your air-con will cost you less in dollars and headaches in the long termRegular maintenance of your air-con will cost you less in dollars and headaches in the long term
Regular maintenance of your air-con will cost you less in dollars and headaches in the long term

Singapore’s first air-con subscription service

According to COURTS, this is Singapore’s first air-con subscription service. Four plans are available: the System 1 plan costs $29 per month, the System 2 plan costs $49 per month, the System 3 plan costs $69 per month, and the System 4 plan costs $99 per month.

This is also a 72-month subscription. At first I was a bit confused because I was looking at a System 3 from Midea and that costs $3,358. If I were to take up the $69 per month plan, I’d have paid $4,968 at the end of 72 months. Now why would I want to do that?

An all-in-one instalment payment + maintenance bundle

It turns out that this COURTS air-con subscription isn’t your typical instalment payment plan. Other than paying for the unit bit by bit every month, the subscription includes several perks and useful services that I can use over the course of the plan.

For example, in addition to the free air-con installation, the subscription comes with a 6-year warranty. I get unlimited repairs during this period, and if COURTS can’t fix the problem, it will exchange the faulty unit with a brand-new set at no extra charge.

But a complete air-con unit breakdown is unlikely because the subscription also comes with regular servicing. This includes three regular cleanings and one deep steam cleaning per year. The steam cleaning is important for me because not only does it remove stubborn dirt and stains, it also gets rid of any foul odour. And it does all this without using chemicals.

Being an internet-savvy uncle, I immediately did some googling. I found that it’s common to pay around $70 for someone to come and do normal servicing for three units, and easily $200 for a more comprehensive wash. In other words, COURTS’ air-con subscription is affordable and sensibly priced.

Air-con cleaning is a must have, and is offered under COURTS’ in-house solutions provider GURUAir-con cleaning is a must have, and is offered under COURTS’ in-house solutions provider GURU
Air-con cleaning is a must have, and is offered under COURTS’ in-house solutions provider GURU.

Other reasons a subscription makes sense

I know what you’re thinking right now: is a subscription really necessary? I can always engage someone to do one-time servicing when the need arises, right?

As someone who has faced air-con leaking problems due to low refrigerant charge and blockages, I’ve to say I’m a believer of regular maintenance. Even if nothing major happens, remember too that air-con units will lose their efficiency over time as you use them, so regular servicing is pretty much the only way to keep them operating at their best.

Of course, you can always make a recurring calendar event to remind you to make a servicing appointment, but my experience tells me it’s easy to ignore the alert or put it off until you realize a unit is leaking water because it’s been two years since you last serviced it.

Here’s another thing to consider: how do you know if that air-con guy you found on the internet has the proper skills and tools to carry out the servicing?

With a subscription, I don’t need to think or worry about all this. And whenever I need help with my air-con (touch wood), I can easily book an appointment through COURTS’ very own GURU mobile app.

A credit card is needed to apply

Another nice thing about this air-con subscription is that unlike mobile phone plans, I can cancel it when I don’t need it anymore without paying an exorbitant penalty. I only have to settle payments for the main unit and any cleaning services that have been performed.

To sign up, a Visa or MasterCard credit card is needed because that’s where the monthly payments are charged to. COURTS says my credit card limit won’t go down the full price of the package, which means I’ve the flexibility to use the same card for my other big-ticket purchases.

In summary, if you, like me, are getting a new air-con system, want to protect your investment and enjoy clean air from it for many years to come, it makes sense to take a closer look at COURTS’ air-con subscription service.

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