"Equal Opportunities for All, Meaningful Work for Life"
Nojima San

Through my over 40-year career at Nojima Group and today, in my role as Group CEO of COURTS Asia, I have seen entire markets and industries undergo change, many going obsolete with the times. Change truly is the only constant.

What sets companies that last apart from the rest is the right core philosophy - towards our employees, as well as our surrounding communities. Today, Nojima Group stands as a leading electrical appliance retailer in Japan, with over 850 stores and a market capitalisation of S$1.4 billion and revenues of S$6.1 billion. Likewise, COURTS is the number 1 omni-channel retailer in the region and Singapore market. Contributing back to society has always been a big part of our organisation's history and culture.

Here at COURTS, we believe in fostering an owner's mindset. Everyone at COURTS is as business owner and entrepreneur. From merchandiser to salesperson to logistician.

Everyone has the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution in their space, and to grow above and beyond in the dynamic world of retail.

If you are a go-getter with a passion for service, I believe there's no place like COURTS to start to take your retail career to the next level.

Hiroshi Nojima
Group CEO of COURTS Asia


We at COURTS act and think like owners of the business, rather than just salaried employees.

The all member management philosophy consists of the following values and ideals:

Contribute to Society

Be Open and Fair

Be Creative and Innovative

Be Firm and Warm

Be Ambitious