New Graduate Eligibility FAQ

A. Here at COURTS, we believe knowledge can always be acquired. We have a comprehensive training scheme in place to help you build and develop the necessary technical knowledge and skillsets required to give your best to serve the customer.

We welcome all applicants with a positive attitude and keenness to learn.

A. Island-wide deployment to any of our stores is assigned based on a number of factors, including customer needs and resourcing.

A. We believe customer service sits at the heart of any retail business. As such, we welcome our new graduates to be part of a dynamic customer sales and service team and form the foundation of their career at COURTS, before being considered for the diverse progression opportunities available.

Career Requirements FAQ

A. No problem at all. Many of our career hires are those who have taken on challenges from different industries.

A. We are seeking talent with the following attributes:

  • Positive attitude and cheerful outlook
  • Genuinely enjoys working with others
  • Service oriented and well-groomed
  • Good negotiator who goes for win-win
  • Focused, responsive and alert
  • High level of initiative and integrity
  • Ability to work under pressure in a fast pace working environment

A. You will be a perfect match if your aspirations and values are aligned with the Nojima HR practices below and you:

  • Want to be number one in your field by learning and taking on challenges.
  • Have an open mind when communication with and receiving coaching from your leaders and peers.
  • Treat work as a source of joy, taking the initiative to acquire new knowledge and skills to create joy in my daily work.
  • Aim to continuously improve yourself and work processes even in little incremental ways daily.
  • Manage your workload effectively by prioritising and keeping deadlines in mind.
  • Proactively listen to feedback on effectively developing goals and plans to achieve them.