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Camera Buying Guide

Smartphone cameras might be great for selfies on-to-go, but if you want to up your photography game, here’s what you need to know about choosing a camera to perfect the shots.


What it is: DSLR stands for digital single-lens reflex. Inside the camera sits a mirror, which reflects the image seen through the lens up to the viewfinder when taking a picture.

Great for: Professional photographers and photography enthusiasts.

Advantages: Gives you more control. Photographs are richer in detail thanks to the large image sensor. There’s also less risk of blurring thanks to image stabilisation technology. You can adjust the camera's scene settings, aperture, shutter speed, ISO levels, white balance and more, to create high quality images. One of the biggest advantages is the huge range of lenses you can attach to the DSLR to capture every scene, movement, lighting and subject with absolute precision.

Some of the lenses available:

  • Standard / Normal Prime
    Around 35-70mm focal range and allows for shooting in lower light. A higher focal length means a bigger zoom.
  • Wide Angle
    Offers a wide field of view, which is great for capturing landscapes or a large number of subjects.
  • Ultra Wide
    Captures an even wider scene. Rectilinear Ultra Wide lenses keep lines straight, while Fisheyes produce artistically curved images.
  • Telephoto
    Able to focus on specific details, distant subjects or high-speed movements.
  • Superzoom Changes in focal lengths from wide to telephoto as you zoom, and are good for situations that do not allow you to change lenses.
  • Macro
    One of the more specialist lenses for extreme close-up photography.

Disadvantages: Portability - it is heavy and takes up space. Due to its complex operations, the user needs to possess photography knowledge to enjoy the full advantage of the camera.