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Serving Singapore
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New bed frame guidance

Forget the conventional base and headboard.

Check out these wide varieties of multi-functional bed frames available for every bedroom design, need and budget.



Divans are characterised by their clean design and discreet storage. Their compact square base can fit into tight spaces, and often feature additional storage space, either in the form of a drawer or ottoman.

Bed Frames

Bed frames offer more choices in style and material, which can range from metal and wood to colourful upholstery. They are more decorative than divans and can anchor your bedroom décor. Bed frames tend to take up more space, so it's best to check whether it will fit the room before purchasing. 

Bed frames
Sofa bed

Sofa Beds

The 2-in-1 sofa bed offers greater flexibility in space usage by giving you the convenience of having an extra bed at home without taking up an additional space when it is not needed. You can fold up the bed to enjoy a relaxing lounge in the day and easily transform it for a comfortable sleep at night. That means that you just need to spend on 1 piece of furniture instead of 2.

Storage Beds

Storage beds give you more storage in a bedroom without taking up excess space. There are 2 main types of storage options available, either in the form of drawers or an ottoman function where the entire mattress platform can be lifted with a hydraulic lift from the foot or side of the bed.

Storage beds