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Home Audio Buying Guide

So what is soundbar?

Is a Soundbar or Home Theatre System right for your home? Here's a quick guide to enjoying tip-top sound quality for your home entertainment.

Consider your space

When planning to add an audio system to a room, consider how sound travels through the space. Different surfaces reflected and absorb sound differently. For example, hardwood floors and low ceilings will reverberate sound more readily than high ceilings and carpet.

Select the Type of Home Audio System

Types of Home Audio SoundBars Home Theatre System
Features A soundbar, also known as a speakerbar, is a wide and thin speaker that houses multiple drivers that is usually more than what most modern LED TVs have. It improves the audio without the hassle and clutter of using a 5.1ch surround sound cinema system. A home theater system has 2 to 7 speakers including a center channel for voices, 2 front speakers that will serve as your stereo speakers, 2 rear speakers that help with surround sound effect and a Subwoofer to give extra bass.
  • Sleek, compact design perfect for smaller space
  • Easy installation and connectivity
  • Can be mounted on the wall or placed on a shelf to reduce clutter
  • Excellent virtual sound, which simulates the surround sound experience
  • Projects the sound towards you that results in enhanced clarity
  • Comes with dedicated tweeters and woofers distinguishing high and low frequency responses
  • Full range surround sound
  • Speakers can be placed at multiple stations for optimal acoustics
  • Maximum bass
  • Audiophile theater system presentation
  • Fewer features than a home threatre system
  • Surround sound quality might be reduced in large rooms
  • Might require running wires from receiver to speaker
  • Takes up more space

Active or Passive soundbars

Passive soundbars are not as readily available as their active counterparts nowadays, and act more like conventional speakers and require a receiver that has to be purchased separately, which acts as a central system for your entire audio/video system.

Active soundbars, have built-in amplifiers and only needs to be connected to your TV. It’s a perfect union of convenience and quality! Advanced models may also feature surround sound processing all with just one soundbar.