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Entry to Enthusiast: Which Samsung TV is right for me?

Samsung is one of the best names in the TV industry, and chances are you’ve already seen one of their TVs at a family or friend’s home. The Korean giant are best known for their QLED TVs and for rapidly introducing new technologies and features across their entire range of models, making them an attractive pick at any price point. Other than picture and colour quality, Samsung TVs also have a reputation for being bright enough for most rooms. We’ve shortlisted three models below.

Entry-Level: Samsung UA58RU7100KXXS – “RU7100”

Samsung 58 Inch 4K UHD TVSamsung 58 Inch 4K UHD TV

Ideal for:

  • New homeowners wanting their first TV
  • Streaming fans that love convenience

The COURTS-exclusive Samsung UA58RU7100KXXS (RRP $2,399, Now $1,799) is a no-fuss , 58-inch 4K UHD TV designed to give quick access to all your content. It boasts Bluetooth and Apple TV support among its options, and their robust app store provides native support of popular streaming platforms. It’s compatible with smart home devices like Google Home too, letting you control it using voice commands.

While still a regular LED TV, the picture quality on the RU7100 wouldn’t disappoint. It has HDR+ for supported content, good colour quality with impressive black levels, and decent sound quality for onboard speakers. It uses edge-lit backlighting which is good enough for overall brightness, and gamers will enjoy how it automatically turns on gaming mode when a console is detected.

Mid-Range: Samsung QA55Q60RAKXXS – “Q60R”

Samsung 55 Inch QLED TVSamsung 55 Inch QLED TV

Ideal for:

  • Gamers wanting 4K HDR
  • Smart home users

If you must have QLED then the 55-inch Samsung QA55Q60RAKXXS (RRP $2,999, Now 2,499) has proven to be a popular options. Samsung’s Quantum Dot technology prevents quality degradation and even has a 10-year guarantee against burn-in, which is when old images or parts of it have ghosted onto the screen. They’re so confident about it that you can use Magic Screen to display photos all day.

There’s more to it than just making QLED affordable, though. This 4K UHD TV has wide viewing angles to benefit family movie nights, with deep blacks and rich colours enhanced by an Intelligent Mode that dynamically adjusts settings. It also has great motion handling that’s great for fast action scenes and video games, as well as support for first and third-party smart home devices.

Enthusiast: Samsung QA55Q80RAKXXS – “Q80R”

Samsung 55 Inch 4K UHD QLED TVSamsung 55 Inch 4K UHD QLED TV

Ideal for:

  • Families who love watching shows together
  • Party hosts needing a living room centerpiece

The Samsung QA55Q80RAKXXS (RRP $4,499, Now $3,999) is the TV to get if you want to see QLED at its best. This 55-inch 4K UHD TV has everything the Q60R offers and more, such as a higher brightness (1,500 nits) for good colour performance even in daytime. Combined with its anti-reflective coating and ultra-wide viewing angles, family and friends will love gathering around for a movie, show, or sporting event.

Yet the Q80R is all about looking good even when it isn’t the main attraction. It’s One Invisible Connection box, when paired with its Magic Screen capabilities and Samsung’s No Gap wall mount, create a beautiful living room centerpiece that’s bound to get some admiration. Alternatively, use the One Remote to universally control the home theater system for some lively music.

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