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Which power lift chair should I buy?

Think of powered armchairs and you’re bound to imagine recliners and massage chairs. However, getting in these chairs can be difficult for someone with mobility problems. If you have a loved one who needs some help sitting down or standing up, then you’re better off looking at newer recliner armchairs like the Peyton Power Lift Chair (RRP $1,399, Now Price $999) or the Cerro Power Lift Chair (RRP $2,199, Now Price $999) instead. Here’s what you need to know about them.

They lift users to a half-standing position

Power Lift ChairPower Lift Chair

Users can slowly raise and tilt the armchair forward to help them stand. The maximum height is a little higher than the slanted benches found at public bus stops, and the whole idea is to minimise knee and hip strain when getting up. Once the recliner does most of the lifting, you can just grab the hand rests or onto a mobility aid to move off. You don’t have to reach the maximum height, either as the chair stops rising once you let go of the button.

They recline to a comfy 45 degrees

Power Lift Chair ReclinePower Lift Chair Recline

When not lifted, these electric armchairs operate just like any other recliner. The Peyton model has separate controls for the footrest and backrest, whereas the Cerro keeps things simpler by linking both operations together. Some prefer the former as it lets them keep the backrest upright for reading or watching TV, while others just want a simpler option to help them nap. Either way, both models recline to about 45 degrees and can support up to 115kg.

They use wired remote controls

Power Lift Chair Wired RemotePower Lift Chair Wired Remote

Some powered armchairs have physical buttons on the sides, which can be difficult to reach once you’re fully reclined. The Peyton and Cerro models solve this by using wired remote controls instead. The Peyton’s remote has five buttons in total, each with pictograms depicting what they do. On the other hand, Cerro limits theirs to only two buttons — forward and back — to shift between the standing, seated, and reclining positions.

They use a combination of leather and simulated or PVC leather

Leather Power Lift ChairLeather Power Lift Chair

Both recliner armchairs take a half-leather approach that is found among sofas. All surfaces making body contact – such as the seat, backrest, and hand rests – come in real leather for better durability, ease of cleaning, and comfort. The rest of the upholstery uses simulated or PVC leather, mainly to keep prices affordable. Both materials have their own set of care instructions, though you should handle the PVC parts less often to prevent unnecessary wear and tear.

They have different leg options

Black Power Lift ChairBlack Power Lift Chair

Do you plan to move the recliner around the house? If you are, the Peyton makes for a better choice. It uses four castor wheels that make repositioning a little easier, whereas the Cerro only has plastic feet. However, feet tend to look nicer in a living room and won’t damage tiled floors. But don’t worry: Regardless of wheels or feet, both chairs remain stable when in use. Just remember to unplug the power cable before you move them!

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