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Entry to Enthusiast: Which Philips TV is right for me?

Philips has a long history in TV making. Recently, they’ve concentrated their efforts on picture and audio quality, whereas others have been looking at third-party content support. The company is known for their Ambilight technology on their higher-end TVs, though just as important to know is their wide support for major HDR formats. If you’re looking for a TV that’s different than the usual big brands, then you might be surprised by what Philips has to offer. Here are some of our picks.

Entry-Level: Philips 58PUT6183/98 – “PUT6183”

Philips 58 Inch TVPhilips 58 Inch TV

Ideal for:

  • Those who prefer having a large screen
  • Fans of broadcast TV programming

The Philips 58PUT6183/98 (RRP $1,399, Now $929) offers plenty of TV for your dollar and is the largest model on this list. Even if you don’t have 4K content to watch, this 58-inch LED TV can automatically upscale existing videos for a better viewing experience. There’s also Philips’ Micro Dimming Pro for optimized contrast, and you’ll have plenty of chances to see it in action due to the HDR Plus support.

This smart TV gives you plenty of opportunities to watch the content you want, with recommendations for movies and kids content easily found on the Saphi dashboard. On the controller, they’ve enabled the Toggle Red button for on-demand access to Mediacorp programmes. For other digital TV, USB recording capabilities lets you catch up on any missed shows.

Mid-Range: Philips 50PUT6233 – “PUT6233”

LG 55 Inch TVLG 55 Inch TV

Ideal for:

  • Small families that enjoy movie nights
  • Philips Hue owners

Go with the Philips 50PUT6233 (RRP $1,599, Now $745) if you want to see Ambilight 2 in action. It makes this 50-inch 4K UHD TV appear bigger than it is thanks to an independent pair of ambient lights on either side of the screen. The colours and patterns are based on the content you’re watching, so the result always complements the action. Given proper room lighting, the effect can even be immersive.

If you have Philips Hue lights at home, you can link the TV to the same network and have them sync up for a better effect. Ambient light is shown to be soothing and relaxing for your eyes, so you’ll feel less tired after a long movie or a TV binge. And with inbuilt Chromecast and the Saphi operating system, you’ll have plenty of other sources to choose your entertainment from.

Enthusiast: Philips 55PUT6233 – “PUT6233”

Philips 55 Inch TVPhilips 55 Inch TV

Ideal for:

  • Large families that enjoy movie nights
  • Gamers wanting something unique

The COURTS-exclusive Philips 55PUT6233 (RRP $1,799, Now $949) is the 55-inch sibling of the PUT6233 series and comes with all the same benefits. The larger screen, however, makes it a better choice for families of four or more. Ambilight can be used for music and lounging, too. In the latter mode, the screen turns off so only the lights remain. Different rhythm settings can then be adjusted to your preferences.

Ambilight works just as well for fast-paced games and can even help to emphasize when you’re low on health. Yet all the talk on lighting doesn’t mean the picture quality is forgettable. The Philips P5 Perfect Picture Engine does plenty of heavy lifting such as noise reduction and enhanced contrast, motion, colour, and sharpness. Those results are also refined by Dolby for better picture and sound.

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