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Mop and Vacuum Your Home at The Same Time 

The Philips SpeedPro Max Aqua mops and vacuums at one go – a godsend for working mums trying to squeeze out every extra ounce of valuable time.

The secret behind the convenience is the special vacuum nozzle fitted onto the front of a flat mop head with a water tank. Fill up the tank with water, turn on the power and watch with glee as the suction and mop combo tackles all kinds of dirt in one swipe. With the vacuum in front, it sucks up the dirt before going over with the flat mop pad.

Philips SpeedPro Max Aqua VacuumPhilips SpeedPro Max Aqua Vacuum

Just 20 minutes to clean the house

For stubborn stains, just step on the pedal on top of the mop head add more water to the mop pad. It took me about 20 minutes to vacuum-mop my entire 1,200 sq ft apartment – living room, bedrooms and kitchen, though I must admit I am not the most meticulous cleaner. But that’s half the time I would usually take if I had to vacuum the house before manually mopping over.

The SpeedPro Max Aqua glides across the marble tiles in my living room, the ceramic tiles in my kitchen and the parquet flooring in the bedrooms effortlessly – picking up dirt while cleaning with water at the same time. Note however that the swipe leaves a sheen of water over the floor, just like a regular mop, so I was a little concerned when cleaning over the parquet flooring. Thankfully, there are two types of microfiber mop pads and using the gentler pad works better for the wooden floors.

Surprisingly, the small 0.28-liter water tank could last through the entire cleaning session, though I did not add any detergent to it. Note also that this vacuum cleaner is not meant to be a wet vacuum to suck up copious amounts of spilled liquids on the floor.

Carpets and pet hair

There are no carpets nor pets in my home but there are two additional interchangeable nozzles that can help with both scenarios. The 360-degree suction nozzle is a standard vacuum nozzle that can manage both floor and carpet. It even has LED lights at the bottom for vacuuming in dark crevices. It also looks cooler at night. What is nice about this 360-degree nozzle is that it sucks dirt from front and back as well as the sides, hence its 360-degree moniker. For pet hair, there is the TurboPet nozzle that is specially designed for that.

Cordless freedom

The tri-speed SpeedPro Max Aqua is powered by a rechargeable 25.2V lithium-ion battery, which takes 5 hours to charge fully. It is good for about 25 minutes at turbo mode and about 75 minutes at the lowest speed. This handstick-style vacuum makes it easy to clean under the sofa and dining table and because it is cordless, it offers easy freedom of movement.

Corners and cars

There are three parts to the modular SpeedPro Max Aqua. The first is the motor unit which also houses the bagless dust compartment and an attached handle. The digital display on top of the handle shows you the percentage of battery remaining, so you know when it is time to recharge the motor. The second part is a long stick and the last part consists of the various vacuum nozzles.

With just the stick and the main motor, you can use the vacuum to target curtains, ceilings and walls. The stick has an attached brush which can be swivelled around as a brush-nozzle when using the vacuum for this purpose. This handstick system with the motor at the top makes it easy to push the vacuum along when cleaning floors but it is harder to reach out to high places like the ceiling and walls. I found that I sometimes needed to use my left hand to support the main motor to reach the higher spots as it was heavy with just one hand.

You can also use the motor just by itself, which is great for cleaning sofas, beds and other tight crevices. It doubles up as a portable car vacuum as well.

Sidebar: Features at a glance

  • Vacuum and mop simultaneously saves time
  • Cordless handstick freedom
  • Bagless dust compartment means never having to change bags
  • Lasts up to 75 minutes per charge, 5 hours for a full charge
  • Modular system makes it a versatile workhorse to tackle every nook and cranny
  • Price: $799

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