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What fridge should steamboat lovers buy?

Most of us are familiar with the standard 2-door arrangement on fridges, so a 6-door layout such as the $4,099 Panasonic NRF603GT (in Mature Gold or Mature White) may sound intimidating. However, this not only gives you better organization but also better temperature control. Consider the Japanese propensity for food freshness as well, and you’ll soon see how those extra doors make good use of the technologies and features presented here. If you love having steamboat dinners, then this is one Panasonic fridge not to miss.

Keep your greens in tip-top shape

Panasonic Multi-door FridgePanasonic Multi-door Fridge

Most modern fridges come with their own crisper drawers these days, but Panasonic gives you an entire dedicated pull-out drawer. It’s right at the bottom, is fully extendable, and is well compartmentalised with dividers and an internal shelf drawer. The spaciousness alone is sure to attract fans, but its biggest wow factor comes in the form of a Moisture Control Filter made from Japanese washi paper. Its humidity controlling properties ensures your greens stay crisp and moist.

Have fresh meat and fish at the ready with soft freezing

Panasonic Multi-door FridgePanasonic Multi-door Fridge

Freezing takes a toll on food. Since not everyone can go on daily grocery runs, this fridge offers a Prime Fresh Freezing compartment instead. Found in the fridge section, this area soft freezes items at -3°C to effectively stop bacterial growth and oxidation without expelling moisture (the cause of drips you usually find in the freezer). At that temperature, they also thaw faster and are easier to work with, shortening meal preparation time by hours. Expect up to 7 days of freshness with it!

Freeze items up to 4 times faster than usual

Panasonic Multi-door FridgePanasonic Multi-door Fridge

If you do have to store your fresh cuts and seafood in the freezer, Panasonic wants you to pop them in the dedicated Fresh Freezing Compartment first. It comes with aluminium plates for you to lay the foods on, where they will rapidly freeze at approximately -32°C. By comparison, freezer compartments are set to -18°C. This rapid freeze locks in moisture and freshness, the all-important factors to flavour. Of course, you can also use it for other items that need quick freezing too.

Enjoy a cleaner fridge maintained by water ions

Panasonic Multi-door FridgePanasonic Multi-door Fridge

Panasonic uses the same nanoeTM and nanoeXTM technology in their fridges as they do in their aircons. This unique blackbox technology by Panasonic is even found on trains, hospitals, and more. These are small water-wrapped ions full of reactive OH radicals, designed to inhibit bacteria and viruses. They also have a deodorizing effect, which together with the silver air filter make for better fridge hygiene. Vegetables also benefit by retaining more nutrients, deteriorating slower, and having fungicides easier to wash off.

Better energy savings with 7 different sensors

Panasonic Multi-door FridgePanasonic Multi-door Fridge

Unlike conventional fridges, Panasonic has a top-mounted compressor. This way, you won’t have to tip-toe whenever you’re reaching for or into the top shelf. What’s even more impressive are the 7 ECONAVI sensors working in concert with that compressor. These detect humidity (separately for the fridge and vegetable compartments), amount of storage used, room temperature, ambient brightness, and much more for optimum cooling while driving down your electricity bill.

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