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Meister by Häfele displays space-saving and modular storage solutions for the modern apartment homeowner

While hunting for an interior designer for my new BTO kitchen, I had two goals in mind - it needed to look good, and it had to be practical despite limited kitchen space. I was able to accomplish all that with the kitchen interior design offered by Meister by Häfele, which maximises all available space in a kitchen while still maintaining a high level of style. Meister offers a host of colours, textures, and designs to suit the taste of anyone looking to revamp their kitchen.


I came across the only Meister by Häfele showroom in Singapore at the Design Studio by COURTS, located on the second floor of the COURTS Megastore at Tampines. I was drawn to a kitchen concept set in a vibrant hue of red that is tastefully offset with black trimmings, and a Design Studio consultant offered a free guided tour of Meister’s other solutions. These include various space-saving solutions such as cupboards that come installed with multi-leveled racks to make use of vertical space for more storage and drawers that slide out to create additional counter space.


The Meister by Häfele showroomThe Meister by Häfele showroom
The Meister by Häfele showroom, located at the Design Studio by COURTS at level 2 of the COURTS Megastore at Tampines, offers a stylish, yet highly practical kitchen interior design solution that looks good while maximising space savings.


As someone who has to work with limited space in a small HDB kitchen, I appreciate Meister’s solution for a space that requires storage options and space for things like food, kitchen appliances, plumbing, and kitchenware. A two-room BTO kitchen overhaul starts at $2,388, which is a premium price, but one that matches Meister’s premium offerings. Due to the amount of customisation offered by Meister, I found it extremely helpful to walk through the experience the solutions for myself at the exclusive showroom.


Design and aesthetics meets functionality and durability


Meister is so confident of its materials and workmanship that it offers a five-year warranty on both, up from the usual market average of only one year. This gives me huge peace of mind, as it covers any teething issues that arise in the first years of use. Not only do Meister’s furnishings look good, but they feel good and sturdy too. Meister’s cabinets are also made of top-quality plywood, which ensures they can stand up to years of use while retaining their longevity and build quality. The cabinets are built with five-layer plywood, a step up from the industry standard of three-layer plywood, which gives them good heft and solid durability.


The Meister by Häfele showroomThe Meister by Häfele showroom
Need more counter-top space, but not all the time? This drawer cleverly hides another surface for cooking preparation to maximise walking space in the kitchen when not in use.



All of the panel surfaces of Meister cabinets use a made-in-Singapore, machine-pressed laminate which ensures an even, tight seal around furnishings that doesn’t warp or peel after years of use. And it’s not just on the outside, either – the laminate wraps around the inside of the cabinet doors as well, presenting a cohesive whole that also serves a practical function. This double-sided high-pressure laminate is smooth to the touch and extremely durable, as it is highly impact-, scratch-, fire- and stain-resistant.


Meister offers fully-customisable cabinets fitted with a variety of internal storage solutions that slide or fold out for easy, convenient use. The pantry cupboard by the cooktop, for instance, pulls out to reveal a multi-layered rack that can be used to hold cooking essentials like oil, sauces, and other seasonings. Each section of the rack can be removed separately for easy cleaning, which would have come in handy when I had a soy sauce-related spill in my cupboard. All I have to do is remove the section holding my soy sauce and rinse. And since the rack separates each compartment from others, spilling something in one doesn’t dirty the others.


The Meister by Häfele showroomThe Meister by Häfele showroom
Meister’s modular cooking agent rack allows for efficient, space-saving sorting of cooking materials and utensils.


Pack and go: Meister’s modular concept


The most interesting feature of Meister is its modular concept to its kitchen fittings. Almost all of Meister’s fittings – drawers, shelves, cabinets – can be disassembled and reassembled in a new home. As a homeowner renovating a new BTO, this gives me the flexibility of keeping my kitchen design should I choose to sell this first BTO and move to a bigger house in the future, saving me money for future renovations as well. If I do so, I can even tack on additional kitchen counter space, cupboards and drawers when I go back to Meister.


This modular approach to kitchen fittings also means less hacking and construction within the kitchen. More importantly, it dramatically reduces the time taken for installation, letting me use my new kitchen as quickly as possible. A basic single-walled kitchen can take as little as two hours to be installed, which includes fittings such as overhead shelves, a sink, cooking hobs and hood, countertop and drawers and shelves.


Beyond the kitchen


Meister’s space-saving offerings go beyond the kitchen and extend to the bedroom as well, such as a fold-in work table and bed hybrid. When folded in, the table looks like any other work area capable of holding documents and a computer monitor, sitting flush against what looks like a wall surface. Imagine my surprise when that ‘wall’ was pulled out to reveal a single bed, which unfolds while gently setting the table surface down. In fact, you don’t even have to remove anything on the table if it fits the space requirement, and the gentle sliding motion means nothing gets knocked out place as well.


This is extremely useful if I were to maximise my bedroom space in a studio apartment, for instance, or even if I were to convert a spare room into a workspace which can double as a guest bedroom if friends or family were to visit and spend the night.


Meister’s foldable desk-bed frees up a small room by doing double duty as a work and rest area. The entire bed can be folded out without clearing the desk.


Making compact homes feel larger 


Be it in the kitchen or bedroom, Meister’s space-saving solutions have shown me how space even in a compact home can be effectively maximised and expanded. My kitchen cabinets are both functional and stylish, becoming a space where I enjoy spending time in to cook in a fuss-free, productive environment. And while I still have room in my bedroom for both a desk and bed, knowing that I can have the option of converting them into one unit in the future should the need arise is good to have! Meister’s slightly higher premium is offset by the extra space I can now enjoy and the peace of mind from the quality assurance I am getting.


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