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What is the best LG fridge for small kitchens?

Buying a fridge is tough. Finding one for small kitchens can be tougher. If square footage is a concern, try limiting your search to counter-depth models with a French door design. This combination offers a trendy look that works well with narrow aisles, making your time in the kitchen far more pleasant. Not sure where to start? Then try the LG Instaview Door-in-Door GF-Q4919MT. This $5,119 door-in-door fridge rises to the challenge with a sleek fit and finish, smart organisational features, and strong cooling capabilities.

You don’t have to walk around it

LG Instaview FridgeLG Instaview Fridge

A counter-depth fridge sits flush with counters and cabinets, while French doors have a smaller swing radius than full-width ones. They’re a good pairing that makes small kitchens look and feel bigger, and it’s much easier to work with them them. Keeping to that idea, LG went with recessed box handles so that nothing sticks out from the surface. If your floor plan calls for a fridge beside or behind you while cooking, then you don’t want anything accidentally jabbing your back or sides!

It’s slimmer than your usual fridge

LG Instaview FridgeLG Instaview Fridge

Not all counter-depth fridges are tiny. What makes this LG fridge ideal for small kitchens is its Slim Fit design, which measures only 835mm wide versus the usual 912mm. Add the door swing allowance and it works out to an impressive 850mm wide in total. When space comes at a premium, that extra 70mm can go a long way: use it to keep seasoning within reach, hang cooking accessories, or simply leave it as it is for better air circulation around the fridge.

You’ll open the door less often

LG Instaview FridgeLG Instaview Fridge

We all know we should close the fridge door as soon as possible, but what about opening it less often in the first place? That’s the revolutionary idea behind this LG fridge’s InstaView panel — just knock twice on the tinted glass window to view its contents. This lets you check if bottles need refilling, whether the milk is running out, or if someone has stolen your chocolate. Those prone to hesitate by the fridge won’t end up obstructing the kitchen or wasting cold air either. Win-win!

It’s better at staying cool

LG Instaview FridgeLG Instaview Fridge

There’s more to that InstaView story: it’s part of LG’s unique door-in-door layout. You can store common items such as drinks and snacks in the outermost compartment (opened through a dedicated latch), while separating the rest behind an inner door. Like the French doors, this design further minimizes cold air loss. However, this LG fridge also has Door Cooling+ technology to remove hotspots. That means no more item reshuffling for the “optimal” placement.

You can chill or freeze items faster

LG Instaview FridgeLG Instaview Fridge

A smaller fridge stores fewer cold items, which can be a problem when you have guests over. Not for this LG fridge. Thanks to an Express Freeze option, you can speed up ice production, chill drinks faster, and better freeze foods and deserts. You won’t have to memorize any buttons, either. LG’s ThinQ integration lets you activate Express Freeze and monitor temperatures with your smartphone, so there’s no need to repeatedly check on the fridge to see if things are ready.

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