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Why a dryer makes sense, even in sunny Singapore

Singapore is usually so warm and sunny that dryers are not a common sight in houses here. Increasingly, however, there are times when it is near-impossible to put your clean laundry onto poles and stick them outside to dry. In recent years, heavy rain and cool weather in December have made it a headache to get clothes to dry in time. There are even news reports of laundromats being crowded with customers as users rush to dry their clothes. 

It is times like these which make the idea of having a dryer at home a tempting one. For example, LG’s TD-H90WD dryer (RRP S$2,499/Now $1,899) is a good option to investigate, given its time savings, convenience, and ease of use.

LG Dryer with Dual inverter Heat PumpsLG Dryer with Dual inverter Heat Pumps
The LG TDH90W dryer comes with dual inverter heat pumps, which recycle warm air inside the dryer instead of venting it out like traditional condenser dryers.

For Working Professionals 

If you work five days a week in an office, the only time to do laundry is during the weekends. And in those precious two days, who really wants to stay in monitoring their laundry? Furthermore, during the rainy season, heavy storms on laundry day can leave you with no clean clothes for the next work week. A dryer, like the LG TD-H90WD, ensures dry clothes anytime you require, no matter the weather conditions. Having such a dryer and knowing I’ll be able to refresh my wardrobe no matter the weather is a huge peace of mind. 

The LG’s dryer heat pump technology dries clothing in a low temperature environment, keeping clothes in a good condition and reducing shrinkage. The dual inverter heat pump technology also reduces energy consumption as it can adjust to a range of circulation speeds, from very fast to slow. 

For Parents and New Families 

Parents with young children know that any time you are not watching them is a chance for them to get up to mischief. Tossing dirty laundry quickly into the LG TD-H90WD dryer and quickly setting them to dry using the dryer’s customisable presets means more time with the kids and less time hanging clothes out to dry.

A bonus sof the LG TD-H90WD dryer is its allergy care function, which gets rid of things like dust mites that can cause allergies. This function lets you clean and refresh things like a child’s favourite soft toy, for instance, by exposing it to heat that will kill off allergens without the risk of getting it wet and having it shrink or discolour.

LG Dryer with Dual inverter Heat PumpsLG Dryer with Dual inverter Heat Pumps
A dual-filter system keeps clothes lint-free while making it easy to clean the inside of the dryer

For families with senior citizens 

Hanging clothes out to dry on laundry poles can be taxing for the elderly. Setting wet clothes on the pole, lifting the full, heavy pole, and then setting it outside the window can be physically demanding for seniors and elderly. Having a dryer at home eliminates the need for such labour-intensive work and does away with an activity that can be tiring for them. The LG dryer further simplifies the drying process by being a smart dryer which can automatically detect the level of moisture on the clothes and automatically sets drying time, which is a tech-friendly feature for the elderly to use. 

Additionally, the LG TD-H90WD has an auto-cleaning condenser that does away with the need to manually clean the machine. The condenser takes moisture from the wet clothes and runs it through the various filters in the dryer, keeping them clean and effective.

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