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Three Reasons Why Every Kitchen in Singapore Needs A Dishwasher

Dishwashers are not as common in kitchens here compared to those in in other countries. However, there has been a rise in consumer interest in dishwashers in recent years as time-strapped Singaporeans start to see the value of having an appliance that can offer convenience and time savings.   

A good start would be something like LG’s DFB425FP (RRP $2,299/Now $1,699) dishwasher, which comes with useful modern-day features like Wi-Fi connectivity that allows you to check in on the status of the washing at any time through your smartphone. To help you decide if you should get a dishwasher for your own kitchen, here are the top three reasons of getting one.

LG DishwasherLG Dishwasher
A dishwasher can save you lots of time and effort in the kitchen

Say Goodbye To The Drudgery Of Handwashing 

Larger families who often eat in together or homeowners who throw large gatherings know the hassle of doing a massive clean-up at the end of dinner. Plates, bowls, cutlery, cups, and other utensils must be hand-washed, dried, and racked, which can take a while after a large gathering. 

A dishwasher is the ultimate convenience tool for times like these. Being able to just throw all the dirty dinner plates and serving bowls into the dishwasher is such a huge time saver and convenience. The LG DFB425FP dishwasher’s SmartRack system comes with adjustable racks that lets you arrange your cookware to fit into the dishwasher. Need more racks for cutlery or less racks to fit bigger pots? SmartRack lets you fit them all in. 

Instead of wasting an hour to wash up the dishes, you can just put them into the dishwasher and use the saved after-dinner time to take care of your guests. 

Squeaky-clean dishes

A dishwasher will always do a better job than human hands for spotless cleaning. The LG DFB425FP comes equipped with four spray arms, instead of the usual two in other consumer-grade dishwashers, letting it get even more thorough cleaning and coverage. It also uses steam technology to effectively wash stains off without leaving water marks. With 10 different wash cycles, from gentle to turbo, the dishwasher can adapt to whatever it is needed to do to get the dirty dishes done. A dishwasher also produces cleaner dishes because most have anti-bacterial filters and filtration systems.

LG Dryer with Dual inverter Heat PumpsLG Dryer with Dual inverter Heat Pumps
With 14 place settings, four washing arms and an adjustable racking system, the LGDFB425FP makes short work even of a good number of dirty dishes.

Reduce water wastage 

For times that require a lot of dishes to be washed, a dishwasher might help reduce water consumption. It is quite common to leave the tap running while washing dishes by hand, and that can all add up if you must wash countless plates, bowls, and other utensils. A dishwasher, on the other hand, can wash many dirty dishes at one go, making it more water-efficient the more it is filled. 

Using a dishwasher can also reduce breakage from handling of porcelain and glassware. 

With so many good reasons, it’s time to seriously consider getting a dishwasher.

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