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Find your food faster with this bottom-freezer fridge

Think of the usual fridge in a kitchen and chances are that the freezer is at the top. I hate having to bend down to search for my snacks, milk and fruits. The freezer is always an eyesore as I leave most of the cooking to my mum. It never made any sense to me why the least-used part of the fridge is occupying eye-level real estate, especially for snackoholics like me. 

Well, top freezer fridges used to be the go-to because older fridges were designed with the idea that cold air sinks. This means traditional fridges could be more energy efficient with a freezer up top, as any cold air in the freezer can trickle down to the main compartment. But with tech advances, it is now possible to be energy-efficient and keep both freezer and main fridges separate yet cool. 

In recent years, bottom-freezer fridges have gotten very popular among families, seniors, and cooks who want easier access to the main fridge compartment. In fact, models such as the LG GB-B4059MT (RRP $2,019, now $1,599) are just as energy-efficient, featuring a four-tick energy rating. Here are the top perks of owning a bottom freezer fridge.

LG 2 Door Fridge with Bottom FreezerLG 2 Door Fridge with Bottom Freezer
Today’s bottom freezer fridges come in classic colours which will fit any modern kitchen.


Since the freezer is used less frequently, it makes sense to locate it at the bottom and to have more of the main fridge compartment closer to eye level. This lets me have a clearer idea of what’s in my fridge, which is important for fresh ingredients, as I can see more of what I have with just a quick glance. With the LG GB-B4059MT, I can see my fresh fruit drawer without needing to bend down, which is great to note what fruits I have to quickly consume before they turn bad.  

Less bending and kneeling 

Bottom-freezer fridges are great for the knees - because I find myself bending less to reach the food I take out most often. This makes bottom freezer fridges a great option for households with seniors and the elderly, as it reduces the strain on their knees and still allow them easy access to fresh food items in the fridge. The only time I bend is to quickly retrieve items from the freezer, such as ice cream or frozen goods, which doesn’t happen as often for other food items. Since I don’t want to leave my ice-cream out too long or it’ll melt, it’s just a quick bend, scoop, and toss back into the freezer.

LG 2 Door Fridge with Bottom FreezerLG 2 Door Fridge with Bottom Freezer
The biggest advantage of a bottom freezer fridge is having easy access to the main compartment without any bending at all.

Fully-optimised freezer 

Just because the freezer has been relegated to the bottom of the fridge doesn’t make it any less important. In fact, the LG GB-B4059MT features a suite of freezer functions which let you store food longer and safer, while maintaining its freshness and lifespan. 

The freezer comes with four compartments with two separate freezing zones, ensuring that air from the meat zone, for instance, does not circulate to the other zone. This lets you keep raw foods separate from your other frozen goods, making reduces the risk of contamination.

LG 2 Door Fridge with Bottom FreezerLG 2 Door Fridge with Bottom Freezer
The four sections and two separate freezing help keep frozen goods fresher for longer

The linear cooling of the main fridge compartment ensures more consistent temperature (of plus/minus 0.5 deg Celsius), which in turn keeps food fresher for a longer period. This is because there are no fluctuations in temperature that might cause food to warm up, and cycle back to being cold, which affects its longevity and freshness. 


Freeing up the freezer space up top also gives me greater control over organising my fridge space. With the LG GB-B4059MT, for instance, I can adjust the number of shelves in the main fridge compartment simply by collapsing the shelves when not needed and extended them when so required. 

Keeping a large cake in the fridge for a secret birthday party and need more room? Just collapse the top shelf of the fridge, which gives you not only the vertical room for a cake but also maybe bottles of soft drinks and wine, and problem solved. Having it at a higher height also makes it so much easier to reach in and retrieve something bulky and heavy like a cake, instead of having to bend down and reach in to do so.

LG 2 Door Fridge with Bottom FreezerLG 2 Door Fridge with Bottom Freezer
It’s a piece of cake to adjust the shelves in the fridge according to your own storage needs

Most of the fridge can also be optimised depending on your needs and kitchen layout as well. The LG GB-B4059MT comes with a reversible door swing that can be customised upon first installation, allowing you to open the fridge door from either the left or right side.

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