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The best way to fight grease in the kitchen

Is there a safer way to clean my kitchen top and its surrounding areas without using harsh chemicals?
Karcher Kitchen ApplianceKarcher Kitchen Appliance

Grease stains are common in such areas because over time, oil and fat from cooking slowly coat surfaces, making them look grimy.

If allowed to accumulate, grease stains can adhere stubbornly to surfaces, and cannot be removed simply by wiping with a cloth. When this happens, drastic steps need to be taken.

The traditional method for removing grease is to use chemicals and detergents. However, such cleaning agents potentially leave behind harmful chemical strains that may contaminate food during preparation or cooking. These chemical products are also expensive, while potentially causing long-term health concerns for the family.

A steam cleaner is one of the most effective and hygienic cleaning tools that can be used on a variety of surfaces and materials without leaving any chemical residue.

If you think steam cleaners can only be used on upholstery and carpets, you are wrong. Karcher’s new SC 2 Deluxe Steam Cleaner is your good kitchen companion. Its powerful high temperature ejection of steam particles dislodges and breaks down grease and oil, which you can easily wipe off with a cloth.

This ensures your kitchen counters are 99.99% free of common household bacteria, and prevents allergen residue from forming on cleaned surfaces. This provides a safe environment for both children and allergy sufferers.

All-in-one bathroom cleaner

How do I get rid of the unsightly growth at the base of my sink?
Karcher Home ApplianceKarcher Home Appliance

The growth is most likely mould or mildew. Mould tends to come in hues of brown, black and green, while mildew is typically grey or white.

Prolonged exposure to either can have serious consequences on your health and well-being. Touching or inhaling either can cause a wide range of health problems such as throat irritation, watery or red eyes, hives or rashes. You may also develop nasal issues such as congestion, sneezing and nose bleeds.

Steam cleaners, which feature a jet of heated steam, can effectively remove mould or mildew.

The hot steam can kill 99.9% of mould and common household bacteria, ensuring a cleaner living environment.

It is recommended that you use a steam cleaner with a brush attachment over the affected area to completely remove mould or mildew. The combination of pressure, speed and temperature will do the trick.

This eliminates the need to use potentially harmful chemicals.

Water is a very economical and effective cleaning agent. It turns into a gaseous state when heated up to 100°C and expands in volume by more than 1,600 times compared to its liquefied state.

Vincent SimVincent Sim
Karcher SingaporeKarcher Singapore
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