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How to give your home a luxury hotel feel

Many of us consider hotel rooms as the be all and end all in terms of luxury. We spend hours choosing just the right hotel for our trips and selecting the perfect hotel room. But don´t just treat yourself on your travels - bring some of that lavish comfort into your home! Here´s how.

Enjoy affordable 5-star luxury in your own home

For most of us, what makes a hotel room feel so luxurious is the bed. It´s that heavenly feeling when you sink into a soft, body-hugging mattress, with downy pillows, plump bolsters, and of course those crisp, smooth sheets. If you want to bring that perfect sleep experience home, look no further. COURTS now stocks The Hotel Collection, a range of mattresses found only in top global hotels like the St. Regis, Grand Hyatt, Ritz Carlton, Marriot and Mandarin Oriental, among many others. Designed for the best possible comfort, support and durability, the mattress brands include King Koil, Sealy, Simmons and Dunlopillo. To complete that much coveted 5-star feel, the range also includes top-quality bedding such as pillows, bolsters and bedsheets.

Did you know that sheets with the highest thread count are not actually the most luxurious? Instead, aim for between 300 to 700, as sheets with higher counts actually achieve such high numbers by using thinner, less resilient thread. To get the best, choose sheets made from 100% Egyptian cotton.

Index Helsinki Collection
Luxury BedroomLuxury Bedroom

Enjoy affordable 5-star luxury in your own home

Another thing we appreciate so much about hotel rooms, but may not realise, is how uncluttered the rooms are. Marie Kondo, the globally trending Japanese organisation guru, encourages getting rid of everything which don´t spark joy. If you don´t feel like parting with all your belongings just yet, here´s the next best thing: ingenious products that are both multifunctional and space-saving. The Index Click Queen Size Multifunction Bed Frame is one such product. It comes with a multitude of storage options, from large underbed storage spaces, to handy vertical drawers and nifty hidden storage spots – perfect for keeping those surfaces uncluttered. Moreover, in true hotel style, the bed has an ingenious sliding night table on the side.

Did you know that studies at Princeton have found that clutter limits your brain’s ability to process information? Physical clutter competes for your attention, resulting in decreased performance and increased stress.

Index Click Multifunction Bedframe

Create your own identity

One thing luxury hotels do really well is create a unique identity for themselves. To give your home a distinctive look that is instantly recognisable as “you”, think the bolder, the better. Consider making a statement with patterned wallpapers or large murals, or adding some scene-stealing light fixtures.

Complement those bold choices with a customisable sofa like the Eliza L-shaped Leather Sofa, with which you can choose the look and feel you want to make it truly your own. In fact, COURTS offers a wide range of products from sofas and bed frames, to dining tables which can be customised to reflect your unique style and personality.

Did you know that patterns can actually make a small space feel larger? This is because your eyes are drawn towards the flow of patterns rather than stopping short at a painted wall.

Eliza L Shaped Leather Sofa

3 things to remember when designing your haven

Finally, here are three simple tips for crafting your perfect 5-star home:

    Hotels are all about those extra special touches, so once the basics have been taken care of, go back and consider the details around the house. Accessories can make or break the look of an otherwise perfect home.

    It´s always great to save on costs, and when it comes to the home, sometimes scrimping instead of splurging is the way to go. For example, as with thread count, a higher percentage of down in your bedding is not always best. Too much down will detract the bedding’s ability to retain its shape, so choose a good mix of feathers and down for the perfect balance.

    However, there are some areas where you should never try and skimp on costs, such as fabrics and fittings. Cheap fabrics will fade and fray, and cheap fittings will chip and break, so within months your beautiful rooms will look shabby instead of chic.

    Although the bed is naturally the star of the show when it comes to hotel rooms (and your bedrooms), you aren’t going to spend all your time lying down. Consider some elegant armchairs or handsomely upholstered stools for both decorative and functional purposes.

    For a truly luxurious home that would make any great hotelier envious, head to COURTS and take a look at The Hotel Collection and the rest of our gorgeous furniture range. Once you´ve redecorated, you will never need to go on holiday again!

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