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Product Protection Plans
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Serving Singapore for 46 Years
Serving Singapore
for 46 Years

COURTS GURU: A one-stop shop for all your phone’s extended warranty, repair and maintenance needs

Whether it’s extended warranty, device set up, maintenance or urgent repairs, GURU is able to help youWhether it’s extended warranty, device set up, maintenance or urgent repairs, GURU is able to help you
Whether it’s extended warranty, device set up, maintenance or urgent repairs, GURU is able to help you.

My mobile phone contract is coming to an end. Thanks to all the SIM-only and contract-free plans out there now, I’ve decided to get my next handset directly from a retailer instead of a telco.

But buying a smartphone through a retailer frightens me — in particular, the warranty situation. As I’m used to getting extended warranty — be it from manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung or from the telcos — I’ve no idea if there are retailers that offer something equivalent. How much would a repair cost if I’ve an extended warranty versus if I don’t? Is the service centre near my place or do I have to travel to some far-flung industrial estate? Is the shop able to help me set up my new phone?

Armed with all these questions, I began my search two months back for the best place to buy my next smartphone. After going to many shops and asking many questions, I’m now leaning towards buying from COURTS. The main reason? COURTS’ GURU services.

Let me explain.

Affordable extended warranty

Most mobile phones and tablets come with 1 year of limited warranty from their manufacturers. But as we hold on to our devices longer and upgrade only after 2 or 3 years, I don’t think this short warranty period is enough.

COURTS’ GURU extended warranty lets me increase the device’s warranty coverage to up to 3 years. And its price depends on the value of the product and the type of coverage chosen. For instance, a 2-year Enhanced plan for a $1,600 phone is $299, while the same plan for a $700 phone is just $149.

Here’s an interesting nugget of information that I uncovered during my research: Apple’s 2-year AppleCare+ can cost up to $369 — but for the same amount, I can get a longer 3-year GURU Enhanced plan!

Accidental damage coverage too

After I cracked my phone’s screen a couple of years ago and spent nearly $500 replacing it, I became a believer of extended warranty, especially if it provides accidental damage coverage.

If I’ve to choose today between the GURU Basic and Enhanced protection plans, I’ll go for the Enhanced plan because it additionally covers damage that arises from an accidental liquid spill or impact to the display. I was told that the total cost of the repair is covered and there are no extra costs like handling or service fees.

Sometimes the device may be damaged beyond repair or that it becomes too expensive to repair. If that’s the case, COURTS will exchange it for another unit.

If you’re very careful with your phone, then perhaps the Basic extended warranty would suffice. For this plan, you only need to pay $50 or 30% of the claim amount, whichever is higher.

Certified GURU technicians, hassle-free claims

I’m a privacy-conscious person, so I’ll never let any fly-by-night shops repair my mobile phone that’s full of personal data.

From my understanding, the GURU staff in COURTS aren’t COURTS’ salespeople. Instead, they’re properly trained and ISO-certified staff from a reputable vendor. In other words, they know what they’re doing and have strict rules in place for handling customers’ data.

Additionally, I like how easy it is to make a claim: I can either contact COURTS through email or phone call. If I need to bring the product in, there are seven GURU after-sales counters islandwide (all located in COURTS outlets) that I can drop by quickly. This is definitely a plus point because I know that some brands only have one or two service centres in Singapore and they can be quite crowded.

Repair and maintenance services for phones not bought from COURTS

When I began my search, my focus was on finding the best retailer to buy my next smartphone. So far, only COURTS’ GURU services, especially the extended warranty offerings, have addressed all my top concerns.

But my search has also led me to some unexpected discoveries. Chief of which is that GURU also offers services for phones that aren’t purchased from COURTS.

For example, if your phone is acting up, there’s a paid GURU Tune Up Service whereby the technician will do a system check, clean the device thoroughly, and even help you install any software needed to get the device back to its best.

If you’re a careless person but have no intention to take up the full extended warranty, COURTS also offers an Extension cover that provides 1 time accidental damage coverage for 1 year. Priced at just $99, it includes screen repair and covers damage due to water spillage.

Last but certainly not the least, there’s a GURU Set Up Service that’s useful for senior citizens or customers who aren’t so tech-savvy. For this service, the GURU staff will set up the new device for you, including helping you to configure user and email accounts, install apps and transfer contacts and photos from the old phone to the new phone.

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