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Fix your posture! 5 reasons to get the Pofit Smart Office Chair

Office workers spend most of their day at a desk, even though sitting isn’t a natural position for the body. The long hours can lead to a host of aches, pains, and posture problems, which is why large offices (and even some airports!) invest in ergonomic chairs. If you’re serious about looking after your back, here are five reasons why you should consider the $1,178 POFIT Smart Office Chair, available exclusively at COURTS.

#1 Guided set-up for the best posture support

Pofit Smart ChairPofit Smart Chair

For posture correction, an ergonomic chair must be properly fitted. That’s where the “smart” part comes in. POFIT’s chair sensors (powered by two AAA batteries) pair with a Bluetooth app to give you step-by-step fitting instructions — just enter your height and weight to get started! Your personalised settings are then saved in the app for easy referral, so you can quickly readjust other POFIT chairs in meeting rooms and elsewhere for consistent posture support.

#2 Alerts to fix bad posture and sedentary time

Pofit Smart ChairPofit Smart Chair

Buying a new chair isn’t going to fix your posture problems overnight. In fact, most people tend to slide back into their old sitting habits without even realizing it. POFIT fixes this by tracking your sitting posture and the amount of time you’ve spent seated. Starting to slouch? Alert! Not getting up enough? Alert! It’s a great way to correct your posture and reinforce standing and stretching habits. You can easily turn these alerts off whenever you need to stay focused.

#3 Comprehensive back support

Pofit Smart ChairPofit Smart Chair

One eye-catching detail is the Bionic Spine running along the backrest. By targeting your lumbar, thoracic, and sacrum vertebras, the POFIT Smart Chair offers up to seven lumbar height settings with firmness and tilt adjustments. But that’s not all: Dedicated hinges ensure that the Bionic Spine supports your back at all times, even when you’re leaning backwards. Recline all you want — with its 35kg weight, this super stable throne won’t topple over.

#4 Highly adjustable headrest and frame

Pofit Smart ChairPofit Smart Chair

Not all chairs come with a headrest, even though they’re important for your neck and overall posture. The POFIT smart chair includes a headrest that is height, tilt, and angle adjustable to suit different users and activities. The rest of the frame is just as customisable: the rubber armrests have four height levels; the rolled seat edge makes depth adjustments easier; and an intuitive right-hand lever controls and locks both the seat height and backrest angle at the same time. Unlike other chairs, this one gives you just one lever to control them all.

#5 Tight mesh weave that won’t lose its shape

Pofit Smart ChairPofit Smart Chair

Compared to fabric or leather, mesh is easier to maintain since it won’t trap odours, dust, or lint. Mesh chairs also stay cooler than their counterparts, making them a comfortable option for the home and office. But most importantly, the tight mesh weave on the POFIT smart chair is designed for shape retention, delivering great posture support for years to come. And if anything goes wrong, they have your back covered. Every chair comes with a 5-year local warranty!

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