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Lights, Camera, Action!
Your Guide to Action Cameras

Nothing beats the thrill of capturing your adventures the way an action camera can. Just imagine the various possibilities of extreme sports or adventure videos captured in POV (Point-of-View) mode; even routine holiday videos will instantly become more exciting and memorable! But are action cameras really the ultimate replacement for your trusty, albeit bulky, camcorder? 
This guide will help make your decision easier.

Why Go For An Action Camera?

In essence, action cameras are camcorders. What makes them unique is their size and weight. Compared to traditional camcorders, action cameras can be easily attached to helmets, cars and even your own forehead (with the proper accessories, of course).

Built for tough conditions, adventure video enthusiasts would prefer the hassle-free commitment action cameras provide. Coupled with wide-angle fisheye lens, you will be able to fully capture the breath-taking landscapes on your next holiday from angles and distances previously thought impossible - all in full hi-def video quality that most of us would probably only dream of in the past!

The action camera is not just for thrill seekers though. With its portability and ease of use, it is gaining popularity amongst families too. From your parents' 30th anniversary to your kid's graduation ceremony, the action camera is multi-functional and suitable for any occasion considering how simple it is to transfer your videos over to any computer. You'll be able to record any moment and have it played back to your whole family through a laptop or even a mobile phone.

Why not just use a smartphone?

It's pretty obvious that the main option to snap photos and videos in this day and age would be your trusty smartphone. So why spend on an action camera when you've already spent on your latest smartphone?

The answer is battery life. Ask people who have shot videos with their smartphones and they'll be swearing at the hundreds of battery packs that they have to carry around. Having a battery pack doesn't help with the overall video capturing experience too. Instead of enjoying the ease of capturing that precious moment of your child's first baby steps, you'll be wrestling with cables and digging through your bag for the battery pack.

Next is storage space. Not all phones come with expandable storage space. Yes, there's cloud storage but with the influx of unethical acts on photos that are stored in a cloud, it is always best to have your candid videos saved somewhere that you have control over.

Shooting all the videos on your phone would take up space for other activities that you would probably need to keep track of with your phone. So why trouble yourself further with worry? An action camera is your video recording buddy with a complete commitment to capturing all your memories.

Which Brand Should I Choose?

One of the leading action camera brands in the market currently is GoPro. Commonly used by popular figures, aggressively branded and advertised, with enough accessories to cover almost every single activity that you may engage in, GoPro is pretty much the no-brainer choice in the action camera race.

However, with plenty of other brands introducing their own breed of action cameras, the question is: "Should I splurge on a GoPro?" Our advice to you is to consider what features you would require and how often you plan to use your action camera.

Extreme sports enthusiasts will find action cameras that can be head-mounted or chest-mounted more suitable. The GoPro Hero5 Session would be the perfect choice for head mounts, but box designs like the 3SIXT Full HD Sports Camera would provide the additional stability of chest mounts.

Apart from that, there are plenty of other features such as Wi-Fi, 4K resolution, GPS tagging or an in-built screen to consider - all of which may be a dream to some but redundant to others. So, if you're a first-time buyer, it can be quite a challenge to go through the features and align them to your own requirements.